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Since I've made quite a few videos, I decided to list them so all can refer to them again, if you would like to do so. Not sure what sort of order to put them in, but some will probably be removed since they are not as good as others. For now, here are all of the videos I have made. No rating means safe for all audiences. For those I removed, if you REALLY want to see them, send me a communique and I'll see what I can do for you, but most that I removed were .swf and had no music.

Yet to Be Categorized Videos

NEW! The Gift - For Majel's birthday, 2007.

NEW! One More Time - A 40th Anniversary Video.

Dynasty Ladies of Trek - A video showing most if not all the Ladies of Trek.

Flaming Telepaths - Mostly Betazoids, but there are others in this one like Tuvok and another Telepath.

DayO! Daylight Come and We Wanna Go Home - A Voyager video with some humour. Rated K

Things Are Gonna Get Easier - A Voyager video with hugs, kisses, kids, babies, and Admiral Janeway. Rated K

My Dream - A kids of Trek video. Rated K

WAR! (What is it good for?) - TNG and VOY video.

Star Trekkin - Contains TOS, TNG, VOY, and DS9 with Dr. Demento's Star Trekkin' song.

Don't Fear the Reaper Video - This one contains my 3 favourite couples- Imzadi, P/C, and J/C.

I Need A Hero - This one also contains my 3 favourite couples- Imzadi, P/C, and J/C. Rated: T possibly M (mild sexual content)

Janeway/Chakotay Videos

NEW! Splish Splash - A Janeway/Chakotay and crew video. PG-13 for a little naughtiness.

Kathryn In Love - A Janeway video.

Hereo - A J/C video in Spanish.

What About Love - A J/C video.

With These Words, Closer To Far Away - J/C Video. Songs are by Douglas Spotted Eagle

Angry Warrior Video - (My favourite! Hope yours too.) Rated: T at most.

Emotions - not as good as the first one in my opinion.

He's Mine (best)

Coffee Affair - Kathryn having an affair with Coffee? Rated: M (mild sexual content)


Imzadi Videos

Santa Baby - A Lwaxana Troi Video. Rated K+

NEW! Kiss Me In The Rain - An Imzadi video. Rated PG-13 for Hot Tub and Honeymoon scene

Durango - An Imzadi video. Rated PG

Extra, Extra - An Imzadi video. Rated T Due to Nemesis Love scene

Suerte - An Imzadi video in Spanish. Rated K+

The Gambler - A Riker video. Rated K+

Lwaxana Troi- Respect - A Lwaxana Troi Video. Rated K+

New! Gimme A Man! - A Lwaxana Troi Video.

New! Lwaxana: Stairway To Heaven - A Lwaxana Troi Video.

Deanna - Deanna Troi video. Rated K+, almost T for it has R/T Honeymoon shown.

Forever Imzadi

House of Mogh Videos

House of Mogh - Worf's family (with music) Rated: PG-13 (language).

Picard/Crusher Videos

NEW! Doctor, Doctor

NEW! It's Hard For Me To Say - With P/C Deleted Nemesis scenes Thanks to MornCalad. Rated K

Tell Me Again - A P/C video. Rated K

Dancin' In The Moonlight - A P/C video. Rated K

Angel Of The Mornin' - A P/C video. Rated K+

PC Video

Dove' L'amore - P/C video Rated T for Sexual endoendo.

Hills Of Tralee- Featuring Jean-Luc and Beverly!

More to come (hopefully)

Paris/Torres Videos

NEW! Trouble - A P/T. Rated K+

Klingon Love - Paris and Torres flash video. Song is Chevy Van

More to come (hopefully)

Odo and Kira, plus other DS9 Videos

NEW! I Wanna Know What Love Is - An Odo video starring Odo, Lwaxana, and Kira. Rated K+

NEW! Odo/Kira Fever - An O/K video. Rated K+

More to come (hopefully)

TOS Videos

New! Look Me In The Heart: A Scotty and Uhura video!

New! Don't Hide Your Love: A Spock and Christine video!

New! Funky Cold Madina Starring Kirk, Spock, Chapel, Scotty, Uhura and more!

Tribbles Flash Video

The Scotsman- Featuring Scotty!

More to come (hopefully)

If you wish to download any videos right click any of the links below:

Angry Warrior

Don't Fear the Reaper


PC Video

Dove' L'amore

Klingon Love

House of Mogh (music)

I Need a Hero

Forever Imzadi


Coffee Affair

He's Mine

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