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This page is best viewed with Star TrekGen Hv BT font. If you do not have that font you can get it at Star Trek in Sound and Vision, here now, or other ST sites. This area is not quite complete, but you can view the menu and see what I will be offering here soon. In the coming days I hope to have several areas within this area started. Thanks for your patience again. Quark's Bar is up for viewing, all holosuites are up and running. Everything is working except Captains' Table and First Contact page.

Here you will find everything that is not Imzadi related or fanfic related. Lots of fun and games. Captains' Table, and First Contact are the only pages left to get up and running! All other pages are up and running.

Beam to Nichelle Update Beam to Nichelle Update- What's Nichelle Nichols doing lately? Find out here!

Beam to TOS Fanfic Beam to TOS Fanfic- New area of fanfic and more stories to come soon!

Beam to Videos New! Videos- TOS, TNG, Voy

Guinan's TenforwardGuinan's Tenforward. Enter for good food, drink and a good ear that will listen to you when the counselor is out. Up and running, but not complete! More to come!

beam to Memorial In memory- A memorial page.

Beam to First ContactStar Trek celebrety- Galleries

Beam to First ContactStar Trek News

Transport to Tribbles and Klingons Trouble With Tribbles- Klingons and Tribbles. Oh, my! (My brand of Trek humour. (Working!)

Beam to First ContactGeneral Trek Links

Beam to ReplicatorReplicator- Downloads of wavs, midi, wallpaper, themes, and savers! Soon to come Screen caps.

Beam to ReplicatorMy Artwork

Webresources Webresources, Some Trek some not.

Beam to Chakotay's LodgeChakotay's Lodge

Beam to Odo's QuartersConstable Odo's Quarters

Beam to Bridge to Sickbay Bridge To Sickbay

Main Site House of Betazed (Main area)

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